• Temperature Setting:

    Set the water temperature before you take your shower. Temperate water will not dry your skin and hair. Excessively hot water can cause itching and dryness.

    Hair Care:

    Hair Oil Application: Massage the scalp by applying a suitable care oil to your hair. This nourishes the hair and promotes hair growth.
    Shampoo Wash: Wet your hair and apply shampoo by massaging your scalp. Then rinse thoroughly.

    Body Care:

    Skin Cleansing with Scrub: Remove dead skin by massaging wet skin with a scrub or body brush. This process revitalizes your skin and increases blood circulation.
    Cellulite Oil Application: Apply cellulite oil to your problem areas to help tighten the skin.

    Face Care:

    Facial Cleansing: Gently cleanse your face using a facial cleanser.
    Peeling: Apply a facial peeling once a week to remove dead skin and renew your skin.

    Skin Care:

    Using Shower Gel or Soap: Clean your entire body using a shower gel or soap suitable for your skin.
    Body Peeling: Make your skin softer and smoother by applying a body scrub before using your shower gel.

    Shaving and Epilation:

    Shaving (Optional): If you are going to shave, shave using shaving foam or gel.
    Hair Removal (Optional): If you are epilating, take advantage of the softer skin after a shower.

    Face Mask (Optional):

    Paper Mask or Clay Mask: You can revitalize and moisturize your skin by applying a face mask towards the end of the shower.

    Finishing with Cold Water:

    Cold Water Hair Wash (Optional): You can increase the shine of your hair by rinsing it with cold water.
    Skin Cleansing with Cold Water: At the end of the shower, rinse your skin with cold water to tighten pores and revitalize your skin.


    Body and Face Moisturizing: After getting out of the shower, nourish your skin with body lotion or moisturizer. Complete your facial care by using a suitable moisturizer for the face.
    By following these steps, you can customize your shower routine and keep both your skin and hair healthy and beautiful. Remember, since every skin type is different, it is important to choose products that are suitable for your skin type.